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Getting Started

    How do I put new batteries into my Fijit Friend®?

    The “try me” batteries included are for demonstration purposes only. Your Fijit Friend requires 5 “AA” alkaline batteries. Additionally, if you find your Fijit Friend slowing down or not working properly, try replacing the batteries.

    How do I turn my Fijit Friend® on?

    Turn the switch on the bottom toward the minus sign. Your Fijit Friend will greet you and ask, “Hey what’s up! What do you want to do now?” This means she is in Home Mode and is ready to interact with you!

    What do the buttons on the back of her head do?

    The Home Button is the button on the left side when you are looking directly at the back of her head. When you press it, she will say, “What do you want to do now?” to indicate she is ready to chat, dance, joke or sleep.

    The Chirp Button is the button on the right side when you are looking directly at the back of her head. When you hold it down for 3 seconds, she will listen for a “sonic chirp.” That means that she can unlock secret codes that are hidden in external sound sources, such as in the “Secret Extras” section of this website… and she reacts to them!

    How do I change the Mode?

    Press the Home Button on the back of her head and she will ask, “What do you want to do now?” to indicate she is ready to change Modes to chat, dance, joke or sleep.

    Whenever her belly light is on, she is waiting for you to speak to her. Of course, you can always press her belly when the light is on, too - you never know how she’ll surprise you.



    How do I start chatting with my Fijit Friend®?

    Remove the Fijit Friend Cheat Sheet from the box. It has all the key phrases you will need to talk to your Fijit Friend. Or click here for the Fijit Friends Cheat Sheet.

    Be sure to speak to your Fijit Friend when her belly is lit. Speak clearly and make sure you are always just a few feet away her when talking to her. And, try to make sure there isn’t too much background noise.

    There are three key phrases to get her into a Response Mode: Tell me a joke, chat with me or dance with me.
    1. If you’re in the mood to talk, say “Chat with me.” As you answer your BFF’s questions, you will likely hit upon words that she recognizes, causing the conversation to seem natural and comfortable
    2. If you are up for a laugh, say “Tell me a joke.” If she decides to tell you a knock-knock joke, make sure you respond, “Who’s there?”
    How do I know when to talk to her?

    When she asks you a question, you can respond with “Yes,” “Yeah,” “Okay,” “Sure” or “No.”



    How do I get my Fijit Friend® to dance?

    If you feel like rocking out, say “Dance with me.” When she asks if you want to listen to your tunes or hers, let her know by responding “Mine” or “Yours.”

    How does the beat detection work?

    When you are in the “Dance With Me” Mode, she will ask if you want to dance to your tunes or hers.

    When you respond by saying “Mine,” she will listen for your music. Put on any type of music you want. Your Fijit Friend® will listen for the beat for 5 seconds and then start rocking out! She will adjust her timing to match your music.

    If you see her pause, she is just detecting if the music is still playing and will start dancing again when she hears it!

    My Fijit Friend® isn’t spinning and/or seems to be slow.

    Your Fijit Friend dances best on hard surfaces. If she malfunctions, try resetting her by flipping the on/off switch to “Off,” wait 5 seconds, and then back to “On.”

    Have an adult check the battery installation and replace them if necessary. See the instruction manual for more details.



Sonic Chirps

    What is Chirp Mode and how does it work?

    Fijit Friends® can detect secret sonic chirps coming from this website, which will trigger a response from your Fijit Friend. She may dance, sing or joke with you!

    Your Fijit Friend can respond to chirps emitted on fijitfriends.com. Unlock these fun and surprising interactions by clicking on the “Sonic Chirps” section of the website. She can also respond to chirps emitted from your Newbies or Yippits, creating total interaction with the whole Fijit Family!

    After your Fijit Friend is turned “On,” simply hold down the Chirps Button on the back of her head for 3 seconds. When you hear a “boop” sound and her Belly Button light blinks, it means she’s listening for a sonic chirp.

    The sonic chirp can work up to 20 feet away. If you have trouble getting your Fijit Friend to respond to a chirp from the website, try adjusting the volume on your computer.

    To exit Chirp Mode, press her Belly Button light or click the Home Button on the back of her head.

    Will my Fijit Friend® recognize my voice when she’s in Chirp Mode?

    When your Fijit Friend is in Chirp Mode, she is only listening for sonic chirps and will not respond to your words.

    How do I get out of Chirp Mode?

    Simply press her blinking Belly Button light, or press the Home Button on the back of her head, to exit Chirp Mode.


Sleep Mode

    How do I put my Fijit Friend® to sleep?

    If you are tired and want her to go to sleep, say “Good night.” When you want her to wake up, just press her belly when it’s lit.



    What Are Fijit Friends® Yippits & What Do They Do?

    Fijit Friends® Yippits® are dynamic dancing pets! Just clap to train them to do tons of tricks, including Sit, Spin, Sing, Beg & more! If they perform the trick correctly, pet the buttons on their head so they know they did it right! The more you nurture them, the more consistently they will perform! You can teach them to dance & play two games with them! And, they even interact with your Fijit Friend®! Just hold the buttons on her head down and let go to hear the sonic chirp unlock EXCLUSIVE content in your Fijit Friend (make sure your Fijit Friend is in Sonic Chirp mode)!



    What Are Newbies & How Do They Work?

    Newbies® are pocket-sized singing Fijit Friends®! When you squeeze your Newbie, her floppy ears fly forward and she begins to sing. You can pet and tickle your Fijit Friends Newbie; to reward her for her sweet tunes. The more you nurture her, the better she sings! Fijit Friends Newbies can sing with each other in a duet, or you can collect them all for a truly singing sensation! And, they even interact with your Fijit Friend®! Just hold the button on her head down, press it one more time and hear the Sonic Chirp unlock content in your Fijit Friend (make sure your Fijit Friend is in Sonic Chirp mode)!



    What are Fijit Friends® Shimmies™ & What Do They Do?

    Fijit Friends® Shimmies™ are fabulous dancers! Each figure has a unique dance move that she loves to show off. You can help your Shimmies™ figure improve her dancing technique by showing her the beat to songs. You can use her music or yours! Just press her Belly Button to the rhythm; the more accurate you are, the better her dance will be! Plus, if you have more than one Shimmies™ figure, you can have a Dance Party - they love to dance together! They even interact with your original Fijit Friend®! Just press and hold her head and belly buttons at the same time to hear the sonic chirp unlock EXCLUSIVE content in your Fijit Friend® (make sure your Fijit Friend® is in Sonic Chirp mode)!



    Where can I buy a Fijit Friend®?

    The Fijit Friends are available at all major retailers, including:

    1. Mattel Shop
    2. Walmart
    3. ToysRUs
    4. Target
    5. Kmart
    6. Amazon
    Does she work with different accents?

    Yes, her voice recognition has been optimized to work with a variety of accents.

    Do other ears fit my Fijit Friend®?

    Sure do! The ears of all of the Fijit Friends are interchangeable! There are also Accessory Packs available so you can give your Fijit Friend a fresh ear-do whenever a new ear-mood strikes you

    (Accessory Packs are sold separately and subject to availability).

    How do I clean my Fijit Friend®?

    Your Fijit Friend is surface-washable only. It is best to clean her with a moist, lint-free cloth (water only). Do not use cleaning solutions.

    What is the best way to store my Fijit Friend®?

    If you are not going to be playing with your Fijit Friend for an extended period, make sure she is stored in the upright position.

    When she is performing a routine, wait for her to finish and she will end it standing upright; then slide her On/Off switch to the “Off” position. You can also manually straighten her, if needed.

    Store her in a dry, safe place.

    What do I do when she’s not responding to me?

    First, replace the 5 “AA” batteries that were included with purchase with 5 new alkaline “AA” batteries.

    Make sure that the power switch is in the on position “-“. She will not respond to you when she is turned “Off” or in the “Try Me” mode.

    She understands you best when you speak clearly! Speak up…and don’t yell at her because that hurts her feelings.

    Make sure you say the entire phrase listed on the Fijit Friends Cheat Sheet. For example, say “Dance with me,” instead of just “Dance.”

    When her belly is lit, she is ready and excited to listen to whatever you have to say. But when her belly isn’t lit, she is not ready to hear you. She’ll probably be singing or talking or getting ready for all the fun stuff you’ll do together later!

    Make sure there isn’t a lot of background noise when you’re chatting. She wants to be able to focus on you without distractions.

    She also responds best to what you’re saying when you’re 1-2 feet away (30-60 cm)…but don’t forget to hug and tickle her now and then!

    What does it mean when she appears to reset herself?

    Did you replace her batteries? The batteries included are for demonstration purposes and should be replaced with 5 new alkaline “AA” batteries.


Having trouble with your Fijit Friend, Yippit or Newbie? We've got the answers to the most frequently asked questions about each member of the Fijit Family. Simply click on one of the buttons on the left for the Fijit Family member you are playing with. If there are any other questions, please call: 1-888-892-6123. Outside the U.S., please consult the listings at the end of the instruction manual.

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